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In Nov 2002, I got involved in the construction of a new audio control room at my church. In order to get the best results from this room, I started studying the subject of room acoustics and acoustic prediction. These spreadsheets, and their periodic updates, are the result of my ongoing studies.

I have written the following tools as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. These spreadsheets are available in both Office 97 and Office 2003 formats.

Spreadsheet Description
Porous Absorber Calculator Calculates the absorption curve of various porous absorbers including slotted and perforated membrane, and Helmholtz absorbers.
Control Room Calculator Calculates the basic acoustic properties of a rectilinear control room.

Online Tools

Porous Absorber Calculator

Calculates the absorption curve of various porous absorber systems. This webpage is a reimplementation of the "Porous Absorber" sheet in the above spreadsheet using Rust and Web Assembly.

All the source code for this app is availble on my Github repo "porous_absorber".

Speech Reinforcement Calculator

Calculates the potential acoustic gain (PAG) and needed acoustic gain (NAG) of a sound reinforcement system.

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These prediction tools are used on an “as is” basis.

The author has taken every reasonable step to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the predictions made by these tools; however, it must be clearly understood that anyone downloading and using these tools does so with the full knowledge and understanding that acoustic prediction tools may not produce values suitable for use in the user's situation.

The user of these tools takes full responsibility for any consequences arising from their use.